Frequent Questions

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FAQ Why are your festivals 21 and over? 

There are several reasons for this. One of which is insurance dictating what we can and cannot insure with underage people at a drinking event. Also as producers of the show we feel our security team can handle situations better with this age restriction. However we may produce shows in the future that are suitable for a younger audience.

What if the show is rained out?

It is highly unlikely that the entire festival would get rained out. Although there is a no refund policy we will handle instances on a case by case basis. Our main goal is for the customer to have a fun time. We will do whatever we have to do to ensure people are satisfied if something like this should occur. 

Are UTV’s and Golf Carts allowed?

No. We are sorry but only our security and managers will be using UTV’s. All vendors, activities, and music is within walking distance of the parking lot and camping areas. 

Is there camping?

Yes there is dry dock and full hook up camping. Dry dock camping can be booked through our website by clicking on BUY TICKETS or paid for onsite during the festival if spots are still available. Full hook up camping is only available through CREEKSIDE CABINS & RV PARK. They will not be booking full hook up sites until May 1st at 10am. Full hookup sites are limited. 

What is Dry Dock camping?

Dry Dock camping means there are no power, water, or sewer hookups for your camper. You can power your camper with a quiet run generator during designated hours. How big are dry dock spots Dry dock spot are big enough for one Camper (any size) and one vehicle. There will also be sufficient room for things such as pop up tents and camp chairs. 

Are animals allowed? 

No animals are not allowed. Not even drug dogs.

Can we build a campfire?

Yes each camper spot and tent spot can build a small campfire in their designated area. 

How big are tent spots?

There is sufficient room for one vehicle and one camping tent. If your vehicle is not too large there will also be room for a 10 by 10 pop up if you wish to have one.